Hammer & Nail Brewers

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Beers from Hammer & Nail Brewers

Latest news

Pa. woman charged with stabbing, biting husband over beer
It's the second time Tracey Lee Giffin has been charged with a crime over kitchen goods.

Man in superhero costume steals beer from convenience store
A man in a Batman costume and Captain America mask allegedly stole two cases of beer from a convenience store in Salamanca, New York, Tuesday, police said.

SEE IT: Toddler appears to drink beer in disturbing video
Raw, unedited video uploaded to LiveLeak appears to a show a father sharing a Thai Chang Beer with his diminutive daughter.

81 years is a long time to wait for a beer
A beer has become the first alcoholic drink to be sold in a small Connecticut town in 81 years.

De Beers stakes its name
In nature it takes billions of years to produce a diamond, or a laboratory can grow one in days and to the untrained eye, it looks the same.